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Farrelly picks up award for Diversity in the Workplace

Farrelly Building Services Ltd have recently been awarded Diversity in the Workplace awarded by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Investors in People.

A team that's unrivalled in the industry

At Farrelly Building Services Ltd, we recognise that people are our biggest asset; and we're proud to say that our team features some of the best talent in the industry, as well as some of the happiest employees.

All our Project Managers (Mechanical and Electrical) benefit from broad knowledge of the retail and commercial sectors, with a wealth of experience to contribute to each project. And team skills are constantly updated with regular training and knowledge-sharing sessions.

But there's more to a good team member than skills and an outstanding work ethic. We also believe in maintaining a good 'work-life balance' and encourage each other and our customers to make this a primary goal.

In recognition of our commitment to the quality and satisfaction of our team, Farrelly Building Services Ltd is proud to have been awarded Investors in People, Investors in People Champion, and Work Life Balance accreditation.

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