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Farrelly picks up award for Diversity in the Workplace

Farrelly Building Services Ltd have recently been awarded Diversity in the Workplace awarded by the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and Investors in People.


Building Engineering Services Certified Accreditor

We are proud to have been awarded the new standard of BESCA.

Farrelly Building Services Ltd is a nominated Accredited Certifier for the work that is carries out within the scope of the Building & Approved Inspectors (Amendment) Regulation 2006(S12006652).

This role will have a significant impact on reducing CO2 emissions and will contribute towards a global movement to negating the effects of climate change.

Farrelly Building Services Ltd has become an “energy specialist” which will allow clients and customers to seek advice on diverse new and unique solutions to efficiently heating and cooling buildings.

BESCA has been established by the Heating & Ventilation Contractors Association (HVCA) and authorised by the Department for Communities and Local Government to operate a competent person scheme, covering approved documents F,G,J,L1 and L2 of the building regulations. BESCA acts as an independent assessment and certification body for the building service industry.

Notifiable HVACR work in relation to Part L is anything that will affect the energy status of the building, whether it is in a dwelling or other type building. It may include work such as the:

  • Installation of a new or replacement hot water system
  • Installation of a new or replacement boiler, ventilation or air-conditioning plant
  • Installation of a new heating, ventilation or air-conditioning system or an extension or alteration to an existing one
  • Re-commissioning of an existing heating, ventilation or air-conditioning system

When you commission Farrelly Building Services Ltd to work on a project, you and your fellow stakeholders can rest assured that minimising environmental impact will be a ‘given’ objective.